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Amazing Uptown

                                    The Chelsea Hotel building at 920 Wilson Avenue in Uptown. Postcard publisher is unknown. Former Uptown resident Anastasia Robieson frequently returns to her old North side neighborhood to meet up with friends or record music with her band The Uh Ohs. “I really, really like Uptown,” she says. “I think it’s a very interesting place.” When asked to describe what makes Uptown so memorable, Robieson answers that perhaps the folks behind the popular Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters summed up the neighborhood best with their slogan “Uptown: Roaring Twenties Charm Meets Psych Ward with No Walls.”  Uptown has certainly changed its personality many times over throughout the years. In the 1920s, Uptown was a popular nightlife destination flush with nightclubs, theaters, and hotels. Some of its most well-known establishments include the Green Mill jazz club, which is still in operation today, and the Uptown movie theater, which is currently being restored. T