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Chicago Conservatories: Keeping the City Green Since the Late 1800s

The Lincoln Park Conservatory. Postcard published by Chas, Levy Circulating Co., Chicago. Chicago Conservatories have provided Chicagoans with a much-needed oasis of plant life—as well as year-round warmth—since the late nineteenth century. According to the Encyclopedia of Chicago , horticulture became popular during this time among city dwellers in the United States and Europe who were concerned about the negative effects of industrialization. The Douglas Park Conservatory. Postcard published by B. Sebastian, Chicago.   Three small conservatories were built between 1886 and 1888 in Humbolt Park, Douglas Park, and Garfield Park. The Lincoln Park Conservatory was built between 1890 and 1895 and still stands today. A fifth Chicago conservatory was built in Washington Park in 1897, only to be demolished in the 1930s. And the Oak Park Conservatory, which is still open today, was constructed in the Western suburb in 1929. The Washington Park Conservatory and Pergola. Postcard published by